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Tenco LiveStream

Tenco LiveStream is the new digital process which enables our field adjusters to deliver real time video and audio of the loss location.  Streaming video directly from the loss site shows our clients exactly how large and complex the loss may be as well as the details of the entire area.  The client can also see the full extent of damages as seen in the time of day/night and environment in which it occurred.

Once on the scene we will email you a secure link to view this loss. This video is only visible to those with the secure link which we provide you. From there you will be able to watch and direct the adjuster’s inspection of the damaged equipment, observe the witnesses and others as   directed by the client, immediately determine the need or not for a wrecker service, observe cargo damage and periodically check in on the status of cargo transfers and much more!

To request Tenco LiveStream on any assignment please include this request within the claim form submitted to claims@tenco.com or by phone at (800) 621-1313.  If your office would like to setup an in house demonstration, please email TencoLiveStream@tenco.com to schedule an   appointment.  Let us show you how technology can further benefit claims!